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Thanks the bike is great, but the tires are unbelievably cheap,my front wheel disc is slightly bent, have not taken any rides before I upgrade the tires

Customer service 5 stars. Bike itself 3 stars.

The customer service I've received is a genuine 5 star rating. When the bike failed to get power, Cheryl was very helpful and replied to my inquiries quick and very professional. Since i do not have an e-bike shop close to where i live i had to diagnose myself. I was certain it was a burned out motor since the battery was fine. She got in touch with technical support and the sent me a new back wheel motor and all. I didn't even need to send in the broken one. When i found out it wasn't the motor tech support sent me an E-mail on what to check. That's when i figured out it was the control box. So they sent me a new one and that did the trick. Customer service is second to none. 5 Stars.
The product or bike itself had issues. It is an expensive bike but i feel the parts are cheap. In my opinion it's a Wal-Mart grade bike with an electric motor. Wish i would have done more research before investing in such an expensive product. Could've bought a better quality bike and got a conversion kit for same amount of money.


My inexperience with "All Around E🚲Bikes" and Cheryl was professional, polite, punctual, pleasant & phun 😊. My bike came within one week & was on the road before the weekend was out. You could assemble it with the included tool pouch but a few adjunct tools speed up the process. A word of advise; Find some place quiet & open to acquaint yourself with the "pedal/ motor" (cruise control) mode. It's a tad tricky, takes a little time adjusting to, but is one of the key selling points, and way fun.
My new ebike is the bombdiggady

It's so awesome to hear how happy you are with our service at We're here to help!. Plus you gave some nice Trail Maker assembly tips too. Visitors appreciate hearing from a REAL electric bike customer. Happy Cycling!


Haven't put the rascal together yet!

Hi John, Thanks for the five-star review. We hope you enjoy you new Trail Maker 24 e-bike.

The quality built bike.

This bike for the price, is awesome… Easy to finish the assembly, the instructions were vague, could use a front fender… Other than that ,awesome bike for the money…

Schmidy, Thanks for the review. I’m happy to know that you found the assembly to be easy. Also, your positive feedback will help others. We rely on valuable feedback like this to make it even better. Thanks again.

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