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In 2010, Miller Evans with the aid of the design product, joint Swift bicycle factory in San Francisco, and according to his last name first letter "E", creating Ecotric hybrid Bike, brand means ”easy, lithium electric hybrid" bicycle.

We believe this technology, with the benefits of electric propulsion, provides you with the perfect vehicle to increase your personal mobility. Our brushless, electric hub motor allows you to run errands or commute to work while saving money on gas and reducing your environmental impact on our world. It also gives you the opportunity to pedal if you want to get exercise along the way. All this and it is just plain fun to ride! 

You can check out the Owners Manual  before you buy!

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Ecotric Hammer 13Ah Battery

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Ecotric Rocket Rear Rack

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Ecotric S900 Display

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Hammer Fenders

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Vortex / Seagull Fender

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