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Q.What is a Fat tire electric bike?

A. Also called fat e-bikes, these specialized electric bicycles come equipped with 4.0″ wide tires that are suited for diverse terrain such as snow, dirt, mud, sand, and pavement.

Q.How far can I travel on a single charge?

A. Depending upon the manufacturer, you can expect to travel 25-70 miles on a single charge.  A persons weight may factor in as well. If you're heavier, then you'll likely get a bit less than the high end of the range. Terrain and weather conditions impact travel distance as well.

Q.Does cold weather affect the battery capacity?

A.Yes. Cold weather can adversely affect the battery capacity.

Q.Do you offer financing?

A.Yes. Financing is offered by Klarna. For more information, visit our Financing FAQ page.

Q. What is the drive train of a bicycle?

A. The drive train of a bicycle refers to all parts that transmit power to the rear wheel including the pedals, chain, chain wheel, crank set and freewheel. 

Q. What is a throttle?

The throttle is the mechanism that applies electric assist. It is activated by one of two methods 1)twisting a handle (similar to a motorcycle. The more you twist, the more assistance you receive), or 2) by sensing the torque produced (The harder you pedal, the more assistance you get). 

Q. Should I buy a bike with a mid-drive motor or hub-motor?

A. Hub motors tend to be a little easier to operate if you are a less experienced cyclist, because they require less shifting. Mid-drives tend to get a little better range for equivalent battery capacity, because you'll get more efficiency by shifting. In theory you get better hill climbing with a mid-drive, you'll usually find both types will climb just about any hill.

Q.How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries?

A. People often ask should I fully charge a lithium battery?  It's always best to check your owners manual for your specific battery.  if you want an in-depth view into lithium batteries, then visit Battery University

Q. What happens if I get a flat tire?

A. The tires on most electric bikes are the same as conventional bicycles. Simply replace the tube with a tube of the right size and inflate it. No special tires or parts will be needed on most models. Check your owners manual for specific details

Q. What is Roadside Assistance?

A. Roadside Assistance with Better World Club offers a 24/7 nationwide roadside transporation service for bicycle owner members. All Around E-Bikes has partnered with Better World Club to provide you with service in case the unexpected happens while you're on the road.

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