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Thomas Simmons
Mr. Thomas Simmons

I am thinking that I get a great bike. I have never seen a bike like that before. Can I order parts for my bike? I would like fenders. Pouches for back. Something that has a cooler in it

Nice bike. Only complaints are the tires don’t hold up to honey suckle and hedge tree stickers and the seat could have more spring being it’s a hunting bike but bike performs well

Young e scout pro

The bike is very nice easy to put together it rides smoothly i recommend it.

Thank your for choosing All Around E-Bikes and sharing your review.

Controller replacement.

The new part was installed easily. Cheryl in the office was great and easy to deal with. She always returned phone calls. Thanks for the great service.

Hollywood Racks Trike Adapter Kit For Sport Rider For Electric Bikes

Excellent Customer Service and E Bike

5 considerations in deciding what ebike I want to purchase:
Motor power
The customer service was outstanding. Issue with battery charger not working and received a new battery charge in a timely manner. Very good warranty.

Excellent product and quick shipping

This was a product that became difficult to acquire elsewhere.. We finally found it on All Around Ebikes. The purchase was easy and shipment was quick. I really appreciate the excellent product variety and ease of web page navigation.

Thanks for the awesome review, Roger! Thrilled you found what you needed. Happy surfing!


My bike was stolen and all I needed was the mounting kit. Everything was new in the packet and delivered fast! Thanks.

Sorry to hear about your bike, but glad we could help! Enjoy your rides!


Leave me alone

oh my goodness!!! this bike is sooooo much fun to ride!! and its cute too.

Delighted you're enjoying the fun and cuteness! Happy riding!

Cheryl was excellent!! Thank You!! Barb

Hitch Rack worked on Lectric Trike

Not a perfect fit but we made it work. The attachment to my 2” car hitch was wobbly and not a good fit. Bought a bigger pin and taped some metal washers to hitch rack to make it a little tighter. Looking for some other permanent way to make it fit tighter. Lectric trike back tires fit on very front edge of rear rack. Still, this is the only rack that I have found that is light enough for this old lady to lift and I like it. Any suggestions on how to make car hitch part work would be appreciated.


It's OK but I want something faster than this I regret it

Purchased for our daughter with a disability

We bought this trike for our daughter who has Down syndrome. She is able to get on/off fairly easily with the seat at its lowest setting; she is exactly 5 feet tall and if she were any shorter probably would not be able to fully reach the pedals. She quickly learned how to use the power assist up/down switch and can brake and steer easily. The power assist that kicks in on just Level 1 is pretty intense; I’ve never had an e-bike before, so maybe this is typical. I wish it was a little less powerful because she really takes off! She’s learned to turn it on for only a few seconds at a time so she doesn’t get going too fast. I haven’t tried taking it out myself and getting it up to full power assist, but I can image I could keep up with side road traffic.

This was our first experience building a bike, and the instructions were very minimal, assuming you knew a lot more than we did, such as how to use a chain breaker, but we figured most of it out with som help from other YouTube videos. We ended up calling a friend who worked in a bike shop to help calibrate the breaks and gearshift to make sure it was completely safe for our daughter. Overall, we really enjoy riding the local bike paths and are pleased with the purchase.

Fun and comfortable to ride, gets lots of looks

Awesome bike

I am absolutely loving my newest tool for deer hunting. This Young e scout pro has been a game changer. All around e bikes got it to me within a week of paying for the e bike
I couldn't be more satisfied.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave a review. We really appreciate it.
Peace & Blessings, and of course ---Happy Cycling.
All Around E-Bikes

Rack fit nearly perfect and was well made,however,at $75 dollars,(I had to buy two)I found that to be much too expensive.$35-$45 dollars would have been about right.

Love my Trike Rack

I love this Trike Rack as it allows me to travel with my Emojo Bison Pro. I am 67 years old and can load and unload my trike by myself, and when not needed I can remove the rack by myself also. It is also easy to store as it doesn’t take up much room. Best of all is, this will allow me to fill a bucket list goal of riding my trike on the beach.

Awesome stretched cruiser

Great bike, I bought 4 other different models from micargi and tracer, i ditched all my ebikes for these

Electric tricycle

Great product looks great and works perfect!!!


Great little scooter for getting around.

not as advertised

did not match specs on your site it said the seat height can be lowered to27andhalf inches .please let me know how to do that also battery wont lock have to tie with zip ties to keep in place .also I was led to believe it would have throttle so it be used with out peddle asst.bad purchase can not use

Slugo ss

Looks great, red rims set it off, really like the bike but the chain will not stay on.

Trike bike rack

This bike rack will make carrying our e-trike a breeze. Customer service was outstanding. Because I have a different model bike than sold by All Around E-Bikes, they looked up the specifications of my bike to determine whether or not their rack would work. Great service and shipping occurred quickly!!

Great shipment, great bike

The bike is very nice! It's the first cruiser I've ever bought and I love it. I have the purple Micargi Bronco 29. The bike was in good condition in its box and it was very easy to assemble. The frame has mounts for disk brakes. The front wheel is 29in and the rear is 26in. I feel like I have the sickest bike ever.