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Product parts availability still needs tweeking

Upon receiving my trike and during the assembling, I had some difficulty following the instructions, and I have over 30 years being mechanically inclined. I am still in contact with one of your representatives for customer & technical support. I was not happy to have received and find different wheel LOGO's . This should have been addressed at the place of shipment. Instead, in my opinion, if it counts, made me feel that I was screwed and my well earned money was lost. I got in contact with customer service and they assured me without sending anything in writing to guarantee that it will be addressed. I recently got in contact with customer service again for more technical support regarding to a loud clicking noise emitting from the drive axle, the faster I go the louder it gets. I fell in love with my trike the moment I saw it advertised, but it came with a lot of baggage.

Great Bike

This bike is impossible to ride without a big smile on your face. It is the Most fun AND the coolest thing. I cannot ride it without everyone who sees it calling out to me that they love my bike. Anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle will have no trouble adjusting to this trike. A word of caution — you can’t turn a corner too quickly. It is easier to tip over than a traditional bike. My husband (who worked in a bike factory one of his summer vacations) assembled as much of it as he could but was stumped by confusing directions and missing tools which should have come with the e-bike. Cheryl, the company representative was great. But we would figure out one thing and then have to call her back for yet another glitch. It seems the bike was recently reconfigured and Cheryl thought perhaps the wrong directions or outdated ones were in the box. We ended up finding a wonderful bike guy who came by and spent a good hour adjusting things and making certain we had everything assembled correctly. He said this bike is VERY complex. Buy this E-Bike by all means, but save yourself a LOT of work. Find a professional to assemble it.

I love it.

It realy smooth ride.
I might get another one.

Hi Derek, We're happy to hear you love the Emojo Caddy Pro, and thanks for taking time to give feedback!

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