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Outrageous Fun with Weehoo Bike Trailers

Experience engaging, active adventures with the Weehoo bicycle trailer. Weehoo offers best selling bike trailers and the kids pedal too.

Are Weehoo bike trailers compatible with electric bicycles?

Electric bicycles are wonderful for Weehoo® bike trailers and make a very enjoyable experience.  You will find the best compatibility on electric bicycles where the battery is installed in the frame.  For electric bicycles where the battery is on a rear rack, over the rear wheel, you may find there is not adequate clearance for the push bar.  
The Weehoo® bike trailer must be installed on a bicycle with a seat collar at least 25 inches from the ground.  This ensures that the trailer has adequate ground clearance and the child is level or even tipped slightly backward, which is desirable.  Bicycles without conventional seat posts are not compatible with the Weehoo® bike trailer.  
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Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer

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Weehoo Hitch Kit

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Weehoo TWO Trailer K1020

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Weehoo Venture Bike Trailer

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