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EWheels EW-29 Adult Trike Review: Good Fit or Not?

The trend of adult tricycles is getting more and more common. Their demand has led companies to introduce electric tricycles and bicycles with innovative features that are a far better alternative to a motorcycle or a normal bicycle. One of these electric tricycles is the EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike. This e-trike is a great choice for adult trike enthusiasts since it comes with a variety of special features. The EW-29 Electric 3-wheel bike is a sturdy and comfortable trike for adults that comes fully assembled and ready to ride. The trike has several qualities that make it awesome, but there is one that truly makes it special. If you want a trike for exercise, then the EW-29 can easily be operated by pedaling. However, if you need some assistance with riding, then twist the throttle for acceleration and enjoy the ride with no need for physical effort.

This EW-29 electric trike review is all you will need to figure whether this trike is worth buying or not. Before we move on to the pros and cons, let us first go through a brief overview of the features and specifications of the EW-29.

What are the EWheels EW-29 Electric Tricycle Specifications?

  Special Features

  • As we mentioned above, the top feature of the EW-29 is its assistance in pedaling. You can easily set the amount of help you need from the motor and ride around town either by pedaling, powered acceleration, or a mix of both.
  • The extraordinary large rear basket allows you to safely bring groceries home or have fun rides with your pets. The front basket is smaller and ideal for water bottles or snacks.
  • The ride quality of the EW-29 is as smooth as it gets. The front suspension fork absorbs all sorts of bumps and vibrations, giving you a pleasant experience.
  • The EW-29 is designed to keep the posture steady, so the rider should not get tired after long rides. Thanks to the backrest, you'll get some support for your back.
  • The powerful battery of the e-trike easily lets you ride up to 20 miles on a full charge. This range may vary according to terrain, use of the throttle, and a few other factors.
  • The EW-29 is all about safety. The front and rear disc brakes minimize the braking distance as much as possible. So, in need of an emergency stop, the disc brakes got you covered. 
  • The e-trike has an electric horn to help make its presence known. Along with that, it comes with an LED headlight that keeps the road clear and visible to the rider during night time.
  • The pedal assist is quite useful for riding up slopes. You can save energy by using pedal assist in helping you get through curved pathways.
  • The e-trike has a battery indicator that lets you know the battery stats. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping estimates on how long the battery can take you on a ride.

Keeping all of these superb qualities of the EW-29 in mind, we have listed below 5 compelling reasons why you should buy the EWheels EW-29.

Reasons to Buy the EW-29

  • On top of the list of our reasons is that the EW-29 is perfect for rides around town. You also have the upper hand on choosing whether you want intense exercise, normal exercise, or none at all, in your rides. This makes the trike suitable for a wide range of age groups and people with health issues.
  • The rear basket of the EW-29 is huge. You can easily go shopping and face absolutely no issues in bringing large shopping bags home. It is perfect for everyday use and rides around town.
  • Handling the EW-29 is effortless and trouble-free. The trike comes fully assembled in a carton, so you're saved from the burden of assembling. It does not require much maintenance either and is overall a great choice for elderly people too.
  • EWheels offer you a 3-year warranty with the EW-29. This e-trike is built to last for years. But if you happen to come across any issues, just in case, don’t worry. EWheels will get your problem solved.
  • Despite having these many amazing features, the price of the EW-29 is just another reason why you should buy it. It costs no more than just $1,599. This is a very affordable price if you compare the EW-29 to e-trikes with similar features and power.

Those were our top 5 reasons why you should choose the EW-29. However, no product is free from drawbacks. The same goes for the EW-29. These two drawbacks are not much of a competition with the reasons above, but it was necessary to list them for an honest review.

What are the EW-29 drawbacks?

  • The battery plug of the EW-29 is very hard to reach. It is located under the rear basket, which makes it a problem for the some to get to. The battery has no performance issues, but to be honest, EWheels should have made the charging procedure a bit easier.
  • Several customers have complained about the throttle being too sensitive. When it comes to safety, over speeding is much more dangerous for tricycles. Someone who is not familiar with e-trikes might end up giving too much throttle, which can be risky.  As with any electric tike or bicycle, practice cycling in a safe area. This will help you understand how your trike operates.
  • Center of Gravity - height considerations for tall people

Final Verdict

Keeping all of these elements of the EW-29 in mind is best for running errands around town or taking ride in your neighborhood.  A great alternative for people seeking another mobility option. The steel frame and design are ideal for comfortable rides. But what appealed to us more than anything was the price of the EW-29. In just $1,599, one gets to enjoy rides of an e-trike that goes up to 20 miles on a full charge.

All of these qualities make the EW-29 special, but we would recommend our readers to take safety precautions before taking your first ride. If you choose to ride the EW-29, make sure you read the instruction manual beforehand, and always wear a helmet during rides. We hope this review was helpful for you to consider whether the EW-29 is worth your money.

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