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Van Life: An E-Bikers Dream


Van Life: An E-Bikers Dream

For as long as she could remember Gina has dreamt of living a nomadic life. As a young teen, YouTube was her main source of researching the topic and she spent hundreds of hours admiring and studying her favorite channel’s content and dreaming of traveling full-time as a lifestyle.

Fast forward to her junior year in college, she found herself in a predicament. Affordable housing in the Bay area where she attended university was becoming more and more elusive. She realized this was the perfect time to build out a campervan to live in while she finished college; thus making her dreams of nomadic life come to fruition.

She has since been to thirteen of the United States, several parts of Canada, and will soon be headed south to Joshua Tree and Death Valley to winter this year and eventually Panama (once borders open up again). “Sadly the pandemic has put many of my travel dreams on hold,” Gina confesses, but life on the road is still an adventure. 

portable electric bike

The thing I’m finding solace in right now while on the road is being able to ride my "portable electric bike.”

“Unfortunately, I’m not able to explore new towns anymore, but I AM able to ride out on new trails I’ve found on my travels, which is really exciting! It’s also an easy and quick way to get around town, run errands like grocery shopping, and do laundry. I just pack her up when I’m ready to move camp and am back on the road, easy peasy.” 

Gina's advice to other van lifers and nomads -

“If you’re able to, get an e-bike, it’s right up there with having running water and a comfy bed in the van, in my opinion.”

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