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More Than a Beach Bike Upgrade

Robert found one day that his beach bike just wasn’t cutting it. It was a standard cruiser pedal bike, but whether the terrain was wearing the bike out or the bike was wearing him out was anyone’s guess. It just wasn’t fun to ride.

When something isn’t fun to ride, the fun of the ride is also lost. The fun of exploring new places, reaching new goals, making new friends, all of the things that make riding worth doing to a rider were taken. After Robert responded to the All Around E-Bikes’ ad for the Fat Tire 26” Ecotric Electric Beach Snow electric bike, not only was the fun restored, but some truly surprising things were added.

Read on to see what the Fat Tire 26” Ecotric Electric Beach Snow bike will add to your life. The more you ride it, the more it shows you. The ride itself is still only part of the fun for Robert, though that ride has taken him places his old bike never could.

Robert’s first e-bike got him exploring, but more than just places. He’s been looking into e-bike mods, new terrain trails, and the next cool thing to ride with ever since. He’s been testing this bike out since the spring. He’s learned quite a lot about his options in both bike and travel that were never a possibility with his old bike. New to e-bikes or not, most would be surprised with just how versatile the Fat Tire 26” Ecotric Electric Beach Snow bicycle can be. Robert has proven himself to be the kind of man to that takes that versatility to all kinds of places, much to his surprise as well.

It didn’t take Robert long to find multiple uses for it, Robert said, “When I ride, I turn the motor on and off. When I turn it on, generally a lot of times, is when it’s a slight incline. I can feel the motor kick in and give me that extra help in getting up the incline without having to stand up.”

“When I don’t have the motor on, I also have the gears,”, and “if I want a little extra effort and exercise I can switch it into gear two, so all of that helps, you know. A lot of times no more than two because I’ll be wanting to feel the exercise of the bike.”

Or multiple routes and terrains

Robert explains one route that “goes through a community park, where there’s a lake where people fish and camp,” one way, “ and then it goes up around a university campus, and then goes back toward the city.”

“There’s a humongous field in my neighborhood that has dirt trails in it. Sometimes I’ll ride it in there. It has a lot of dirt trails in it where people ride dirt bikes and ATVS”

It can cover the same type of ground as ATV’s?

“Oh yeah. I ride up there. On the dirt trails you have the dips and the bumps and those kinds of things. You feel ‘em, but it’s not where you say ‘I’m not doin’ that again.’ It’s (kind of like) part of the fun of riding.”

But you probably wouldn’t have done that so much on your other bike?

“No, probably not. On my other bike I’d have to use all leg power. So when I ride that type of terrain, if I’m just cruisin’ I can still turn on the motor to assist me, or if I want to go a little faster. I can just throttle it up. I’ve throttled it out to about 20 mph.”

Which seems to be a bit much for some people…

“I was trying to get my wife to get one. She’s not ready.” 

What makes you say that? 

“Well, because I asked her if she wanted one (haha) and she said ‘NO!’”

"But it seems like plenty are coming around.“

There’s some friends of mine, they ride their bikes too. I went with ‘em one time, we were in a park that has a bike trail that’s about seven miles long. We rode around a lake, dirt, field, stuff like that.”

It's been great for all kinds of friends

“I think when I’m riding, people are always complimenting the bike. When they see me riding it, and they give me a conversation ‘What kind of bike is that? ‘Is that an e-bike?’ ‘Where’d you get it?’ ‘What’d it cost?’ You know, stuff like that. A lot of people like it.”

And new opportunities

“A lot of older people ask about the bike too. It’s very helpful, especially for older people who like to get out. If it wasn’t for the bike, I wouldn’t get a lot of the exercise that I get. I wouldn’t be outdoors in the areas that I am able to go to now.”

Even against stubborn arguments “but then she (Robert’s wife) was riding her beach bike, and now she doesn’t want to ride her beach bike because it was very challenging for her like it was for me, and so now she’s “thinking” about getting one. So whenever she’s ready, I’ve already had in mind to get it from where I got mine.”

Still, she might find him quite attached to his e-bike

”I love riding the bike. I generally ride maybe twice a day. I might ride in the morning, and then in the evening I’ll probably get on it again. You know, I equipped it with lighting and I have a helmet with light on it you know and stuff like that.”

What kind of extra light were you able to put on this?

“I put on it a light for just to be able to be seen. I can make the light stable or I can make it flicker.” Where did you put it? “It’s on the handlebar And then I have a flickering light, red light, that I put on the back where the reflector goes on the seat, on the bar seat I put a red light there, and then I have a helmet that has a light in the back of it that, in a triangle shape, and it flickers.”

And however ready she is, ready describes Robert to a T now

“I did get a flat, but I went to this bike store, and I bought two new innertubes that were thicker innertubes that could handle riding in the dirt,” He said with noticeable pride “I installed it myself. I didn’t put one on the back, because I didn’t have a flat on the back, and It was pretty easy because you know the clip-on wheel.” He continued with “When the bike was first delivered to me, I put it together myself. It was easy. It was easy for me anyway.”

But his building didn’t stop there, and neither will the bike.

“What I want to do is I want to get me a bike carrier so that I can go other places, I can drive places, take the bike with me, and ride it to a beach or whatever. That’s my next step.”

The Right Choice for Choices

Robert chose the black with blue rims model, and reassures that the blue remains quite visible, even though he could have chosen black rims or orange rims. Visibility doesn’t seem to be a problem with all of the onlooker reception he’s getting these days or the extras he’s decided to add. Though sometimes he wants more than your newcomer’s standard ask for modification, part of the beauty of both this bike and All Around E Bikes is that connecting the options you want is both easy to ask and easy to do.

Robert swears that he consistently has only had to charge it for about four hours, and takes it out both morning and night. He likes the short and straight handle for tight turns, and finds the LCD screen at its center, as well as the gear button and switch to the side, easy to navigate on even the bumpiest terrain. The very few things he hasn’t chosen to fix himself, a nearby bike shop has been able to accommodate, sometimes for free. Robert’s even freer to customize as he sees fit with this bike’s under a thousand-dollar price tag. Customizations aren’t necessarily pricey either, the extra strength innertube for extra rough terrain cost Robert all of 24 dollars, He even bought a spare if he should ever need it.

This Fat Tire 26” Ecotric Electric Beach Snow bike has put Robert in good hands on the long community trail, harsh dirt trail, new store aisle, and growing home garage. His wife is even warming up to the idea. This bike has given Robert more possibilities in all aspects of his life, and it easily can for you to.

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