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How to Find a Great Adult Tricycle

I’m gonna assume you’ve clicked on this page looking for the right adult tricycle for you or a friend, yeah? If so, that’s great, let’s get into it then!

Folding Tricycles

Mantis Tri-Rad 20 Adult Folding Tricycle This trike folds up, which is pretty cool! It’s made with light enough steel and aluminum frames, that when it folds up, it weighs 65 pounds, which is almost the same weight as a Dalmatian dog would be if you had to lift a Dalmatian into say, a car or something.

This bike can hold up to 320 pounds, so it's perfect for carrying groceries or running errands.

There’s also easy parking or braking, and more really fun features, like a basket for said groceries! It also has a front fender, making a less likely chance of mud and dirt spattering your clothes.

One more thing that has to be important is the seat: It’s springy and comfortable, so if you have a longer than usual bike ride to go, don’t worry, your rear end won’t be numb with this comfy seat!

This nifty trike can go about as fast as you can pedal, so let’s take a look at its electric counterparts!

Adult Electric Tricycles

EW-29 Electric Trike

This trike has a really nice seat. It’s comfy, it’s got a backrest and it’s WIDE. One other cool thing about it is that it’s battery powered, so less pedaling, (if you’re lazy like I am…)

The EW-29 trike can go up to speeds of 15 mph, and the battery lasts up 20 MILES. (Which is about 33km)

The batteries, however, aren’t solar-powered or anything cool like that, so, you’ll be needing about four 12volt sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries to keep yourself from having to really exercise your legs. No worries!  A battery comes with the tricycle.

Also, while the trike itself is about 128 pounds, (which is about the weight of TWO Dalmatians, by the way…) it can hold up to 400 pounds just fine. This means, our panda friend can carry some groceries!

This trike has a couple of other cool features, like an electric horn, two baskets, and LED lights! Oh, and also an indicator to tell you when your batteries are low, this is actually a pretty critical feature to have. I mean, how many electric items would you like to have something that tells you it needs to be recharged as your phone does?

VTUVIA FT-2 Adult Tricycle

This VTUVIA trike, with its fat tires, will make getting around almost any rough terrain SO much easier!

Ever had to pedal uphill?

And depending on how steep the hill was, you might as well have walked up it, it would have been faster and less strenuous by far.

Well, with its electrically powered throttle and 750w motor, this trike will SAVE YOU that extra effort! 

The VTUVIA can travel up to 22 miles/35km or almost 35 miles if you decide to pedal periodically, this is about 55km. And unlike the prior trike, this one charges, and it takes about 4-5 hours before full power.

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle

The Emojo Caddy is perhaps one of the more popular trikes from All Around E-Bikes. This trike is speedy and travels up to 45 miles!

Its seat is much better than the others, being cushiony and adaptable! It also comes in a fun red color if you’re not a fan of white or grey. The trike also holds up to 320 pounds while the bike itself is about 90 pounds, which is almost as heavy as two and a half Dalmatians. (But don’t worry, no Dalmatians were harmed during the making of this article!)

This particular trike will need to be assembled first, and you could either do this yourself or (again, if you’re lazy like me.) have a professional bike mechanic. Though, for safety purposes, it would be a better choice to have a mechanic do the assembling.

Emojo Caddy Hitch Rack Trailer

This accessory is perfect for Emojo Caddy tricycle! It's a tricycle trailer with a 2" hitch. If you are taking a road trip, then just hook this to your car, and unload your trike and have fun!

Pros and Cons:

Getting any kind of product is going to have pros and cons to it, so I’ll be going over that here.

Ever since COVID, people have been trying to get out and do more and be more active or healthy. Whether it is going to a gym more often, doing yoga, or probably eating enough salads to make a bunny jealous, people are trying, and companies are more than willing to make or have products just so you can do that.

In this case, biking, or more specifically, tricycling, is one such activity to keep active and healthy. However, as I said, a lot of products have their pros and cons. Trikes though, the cons are pretty small, and not very many.

In short, the pros outweigh the cons.

One such trike that’s been getting pretty popular, is what’s called an e-trike, (electric tricycle).

E-trikes are popular because they’re good for getting around, just like bikes, but unlike bikes, you won’t have to worry about holding them up when standing around. They’re called electric for a reason they run mostly on batteries that are usually rechargeable. There are various types of trikes though, if you want one with eco-friendly batteries, bigger wheels, better grip, etc.

The biggest sales pitch for an e-trike though is that they’re comfortable, fast, and cost-effective travel.

Pros of the E-Trike

  • Awesome choice for Seniors
    E-trikes are great for the elderly or disabled because they will help keep them fit and able to function. Anyone can benefit from riding a trike, even a Senior with insecure stability and poor muscle strength can easily use one.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    To say this is great for the environment is an understatement! With its eco-friendly system and electric motor, it doesn’t make much noise or expel any carbon-based smoke, making it really efficient.
  • Maximum weight capacity
    A lot of the trikes can hold up to weights between 300 – 400 pounds, some even holding up to 450 pounds. So these bikes can even hold heavier adults and some groceries. Think back to our panda friend, for instance, pandas weigh 330 pounds, they can totally ride a trike, and I bet they would love one.
  • Health benefits
    With three wheels, it’s much safer than a bike. The three wheels provide extra stability to keep it from falling or tipping over during a ride. Riding a bike normally is great for increasing flexibility, strength and cardiovascular and respiratory health, so naturally, this applies to trikes as well. It also supposedly helps in reducing the risk of arthritis and is considered a highly aerobic activity.
  • Cost-effective
    Being battery-powered doesn’t just mean it’s environmentally friendly, it makes it very wallet-friendly too! This means you’ll pay for gas less and let’s face it, if you’re in an area to get around everywhere on your trike, you’ll be paying considerably less gas on your car. I’d say that’s a pretty strong pro on its own.
  • Fun to ride and easy to pack
    Despite being pretty dang heavy, electric trikes with fat tires can go about in just about any terrain. If you're going on a road trip, then consider buying a tricycle carrier. Otherwise, you can also buy the foldable adult trikes and load it in your car!

Cons of an E-trike

  • Low charging capacity
    Okay, this one is kind of a pretty annoying con. While you can travel up to fifteen or twenty miles, on battery, you then have to wait for your battery to recharge, which takes about 4 or 5 hours to fully charge.
  • Heavy to lift
    Yes, the trikes can be pretty heavy, being around 90 or so pounds in their own right. This will make it difficult, and maybe even awkward, to get them out of tight places. Or if you get it stuck somewhere. But with it being as wide as it is, getting it stuck accidentally shouldn’t be an issue if you are a person that takes those kinds of things into account while driving, say, a car.
  • Costly repairs
    If you accidentally break or lose a part of your e-trike, you'll need to get it repaired. E-trike parts can be expensive. If you buy your trike from an authorized dealer, you will be able to get replacement parts if you need them. To minimize unexpected repairs, keep up with your annual maintenance.


So there are a couple of trikes to choose from AND the pros and cons of considering an e-trike. Honestly, after doing this research myself, I think I personally would love an e-trike. I mean, you can’t beat the convenience. Except to be more convenient.

Faster, easier to get around, holds some groceries, beach gear, maybe even camping gear? Yeah, I’d be willing to part with my hard earned money to have cheaper convenience that I won’t even need to fill up with gas every few hours.

At the very least, I would give this some very hard consideration. Is owning an electric tricycle in your future?

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