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Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle Review

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle Review

Electric Tricycles are becoming popular day by day. They can be a great alternative for the usual means of transportation. One of the core benefits you can get out of an electric vehicle is saving money. Imagine all that gas money you can save and spend it elsewhere. Another obvious advantage of owning an e-trike is staying fit. In some models, you can also adjust how much assistance you want from the motor in case you are less mobile or have a bad knee. But overall, e-trikes are fun to ride, environment friendly, and make running errands around town enjoyable.

When it comes to electric tricycles, Emojo has introduced two models which are quite similar. The first is the Emojo Caddy and the Emojo Caddy Pro is the second model. The differences between these two are not quite significant, but they still matter. Today we will be reviewing the better choice, the better electric tricycle for adults, the Emojo Caddy Pro.

Motorized trikes are hard to choose from. You have to properly evaluate the specs, support, and the advantages of buying it, and also if it falls within your budget. So, in this Emojo Caddy Pro Trike review, we make your job easier by listing the qualities of the Emojo Caddy Pro. Is it worth buying? What are the pros and cons of choosing it? Sit back and carry on reading. All of your questions are to be answered below!

Firstly, the main qualities of this electric tricycle must be taken into account. Let us take a look at what this electric trike for seniors and adults seeking mobility offers that makes it special.

 Caddy Pro Electronic Features

  • The 500w motor is perfect for an electric trike. Motors having 500w or less are proven to be the most reliable and efficient for light electric bikes or trikes.
  • The 15.6 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries are another important component of the Emojo Caddy Pro. Lithium-Ion batteries are the default batteries for electric trikes these days. Their performance is undeniably brilliant because they can be recharged hundreds of times and according to sources , they are more stable than most lithium batteries, and they have a long-lasting life. Plus the battery is removable and can be charged while it's on or off the tricycle. If you are not going to ride your trike for a while, be sure to charge it once a month. This step will help your battery last a little longer.
  • The Caddy Pro system has 5 PAS assistance modes, use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll between modes: Eco, Standard, Power, Speed, Walk and push. 
  • The range can take you as far as 35 miles on a full charge. However, temperature affects all Lithium-Ion batteries. The range might be reduced in cold weather or traveling on rugged terrain.
  • Your control panel has three buttons where you access all your settings from. The LCD screen shows Speed, Motor Power Ratio, Battery Level, Mileage, Light, Cruise Control, etc. It also shows you error codes in case of a system malfunction.
  • The battery also comes with a USB port which means you can use it as a power bank. Very useful if your phone happens to run out of battery and you need immediate charging.

 Caddy Pro Frame, Suspension and More

  • The Emojo Caddy Pro has an aluminum alloy frame that makes it light and strong enough to give the bike a durable life.
  •  A front suspension fork and suspension seat post make even the bumpiest roads feel smooth. Plus the strong fat tires help you feel more secure and they are good for grip and traction when riding on rough ground.
  • The battery integrated headlights keep the path visible in dark pathways. The light moves following the steering handle, making your ride safer. Unlike the Caddy, the Caddy Pro comes with a rear light.
  • The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes give the Emojo Caddy Pro another safety point. The brakes are tough enough to stop the e-trike right where you use them.
  • Say goodbye to hanging bags on the handlebar. The front and rear baskets make it ideal for bringing goods home from a nearby market.
  • The pedal-assist feature helps you while pedaling. It helps you pedal, so you can reserve energy and still reach your destination
  • The thumb throttle allows you to power the electric motor without the need for any pedaling. The farther you push it, the more power is delivered to the motor for acceleration.

 Saddle, Maximum Load and Speed

  • The over-sized soft seat relaxes your muscles and absorbs the bumps and vibrations. It even has back support which adds an extra benefit when riding this adult tricycle.
  • The Emojo Caddy Pro is all about smooth and comfortable travel. The saddle allows you to have a stable ride and keeps your posture straight. Bad posture or stress on joints will not be an issue after riding the Caddy Pro.
  • The Emojo Caddy Pro is designed to withstand a load of up to 320 pounds. 
  • The maximum speed you can enjoy from the Emojo Caddy Pro is 20 MPH.
  • Emojo offers you a 1-year warranty with the Caddy Pro. So, if you happen to run into some issues with the bike, don’t worry. Emojo will have you covered. Emojo sells through their authorized dealer network.  Dealers work directly with Emojo and Emojo has their own factory where the Caddy Pro is manufactured.
  • However, it would be unfair to just enlist the features and ignore the advantages and disadvantages of buying the Emojo Caddy Pro. Therefore, let us move on with our review and take a look at the ups and downs of opting for this trike.

Caddy Pro Top Advantages

  • The Emojo Caddy Pro is undoubtedly a fine electric trike for comfort lovers. As we mentioned, it has a saddle with a backrest. The wide tires assist with comfort too. If you're searching for a bike that gives you long smooth rides, then we cannot deny that the Caddy Pro fills all your comfort requirements. This trike just does not disappoint when it comes to performance and quality.
  • The aluminum 3-wheel frame gives the Caddy Pro a light yet strong body that can live throughout several years. Durability would be the last thing you have to worry about with this e-trike.
  • Emojo did not ignore the element of safety, especially with the Caddy Pro. The disc brakes are strong enough to fall into the average e-trike safety criteria. 
  • The battery is strong and can give you a fun long ride on a full charge. The LCD screen helps you keep accurate track of how long your trike can go on. 
  • A great choice for seniors or any adult who is looking for an alternative mode of transportation. The Caddy Pro is eco-friendly and reliable. Just imagine riding around town, breathing fresh air with your pet in the front basket, and your groceries in the rear basket.
  • The price is just $2,799. As compared to electric bikes of a similar standard, this price is quite worth the product. It is a alternative for cars and motorcycles that most single people would consider for travel. Not to mention you would be saved from the daily expenses of gas.

Caddy Pro Disadvantages

  • One point to consider is the Caddy Pro is not waterproof. Especially the LCD is the most prone to damages from water. The best way to handle this problem is to keep a plastic bag handy. You can cover the LCD with it when the weather forecast shows the chances of rain.
  • The trike weights 90 pounds. If you happen to run out of battery power at an unlikely time, pedaling all by yourself might be difficult while riding on uneven or bumpy terrain. This issue is not unique to the Caddy Pro, and is common among any electric bicycle within a certain weight range.  

Final Thoughts

After carefully evaluating what the Emojo Caddy Pro offers, it is a solid electric vehicle and it's backed by Emojo, was established in 2013 in California. Their founders have been in the motorcycle and scooter business for more than two decades. Basically, the Caddy Pro is undoubtedly a great choice and is worth the money. The trike offers several cool features that one cannot ignore. The extraordinary size of the trike is best for adults. 

Especially in terms of comfort, the Caddy Pro remains on top choice as compared to its not-so-different older version, it gives you more to enjoy the difference of just $200. If you’re thinking about choosing the Caddy instead of the Caddy Pro, reconsider your decision and think whether the $200 is worth saving.

An Advice to All Riders

We would advise new riders to practice riding in a safe location before going on long rides. Make sure to also go through the instruction manual to get more guidance on dos and don’ts of riding your e-trike. Learn how to safely turn your electric tricycle by doing figure eights in a safe place. Remember, riders must take safety precautions and wear a helmet. 

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