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Can An Electric Bicycle Feel Like a Motorcycle?

As a graphic designer, Jerry can have some very specific tastes, and he’s not one to compromise the style he’s after or the look he wants. He found All Around E-Bikes online and checked out the Hammer electric bike and decided immediately that that was the bike for him.

What continues to enthrall him, even after 53 weeks of riding it?

If you ask him, he talks about every part of this bike with personal pride, but not in the sense of a mechanic, as this bike comes 90% assembled. He talks about this bike with the pride of a biker, and repeatedly does so in those kinds of circles. With Jerry’s help, let’s get a close look at the Ecotric Hammer bike.

This bike has a pretty long handlebar, and the entire bike came to you 90% assembled.  Why choose a long, ergonomic handle when so many use a short one just fine?

“Better body position, comfort, and view. More comfort when cruising for a long time than a race bike. No bending over like Lance Armstrong. “

You said compared to the other e-bikes in Korea town, yours is better. Other than the FAT 26” tires and the stylistic curves of the Hammer, are there any major differences?

“They don’t have a lot of accessories on them. Most people don’t even have mirrors.” Those “accessories” are much more than mirrors. Read further to see all that the Hammer can hold electronically, stylistically, and securely.

This is actually your first bike with a windshield, correct?

“Yes. It's a scooter windshield. It's considered a very versatile windshield so it should fit various bicycles and scooters, but that's according to the diameter of your handlebars too. I just bought it for looks, because I wanted to get that Harley Davidson motorcycle look .

What was so special about your bike cover?

“It’s a Harley Davidson cover for a real motorcycle. I bought that for two reasons, for weather conditions when it’s really cold and rainy and also to deter theft. I caught a guy trying to steal from me about a month ago, two of them as a matter of fact in the past year.”

When asked how exactly a cover deters theft, Jerry described that the cover became so much a part of his bike that he integrated a security system with it that encompasses the whole bike. “The cover has the lock under the bottom. I put a 113 decibel alarm on it, I put the XY Find It GPS location in it.”

To Jerry, the Harley look and the Hammer are equally important and inseparable. That Harley cover is attached to the bottom of the bike like a Velcro enclosure, hiding a secure lock. Jerry’s motion alarm keeps such a close eye on it that if the cover shakes with the weight of the bike too much, that shaking sounds the 113 decibel motion alarm. If someone miraculously broke through all of that without notice and drove off with The Hammer, Jerry also has a GPS system which tracks the bike. All this and we haven’t even covered the internal technology of the Hammer.

It's pretty powerful for carrying both my bodyweight and extra cargo. I have waterproof saddlebags that are detachable that work right along with the trunk It seems that the Hammer works right along with a lot of things, even Jerry’s personal clothing style, beverage choice, and music taste. The man takes the experience of this bike with him everywhere he goes, and the bike takes a lot of Jerry with it too.

When asked about the detachable 48 volt battery, Jerry said “I want one charging while I’m riding on a fresh one, so that I can ride a little bit more.” He's turned his e-bike into his daily driver. He said “It’s really good for around town, within about a twenty mile radius, and it’s very addictive fun. You can put a whole lot of miles on it in less than six months. I’ve got 1,373 miles in just over one year.”

Tell Me More

“I have everything on it like you would a car, even a cell phone holder, combination glove compartment, XY Find-It GPS location finder, and water bottle and sound system.”

Has the style of this bike changed your own personal style in any way?

Yes. I dress up a little bit more than I would on a regular bicycle with what I call short suit fit, made by a company called Monique. For activity, I use this for both business and pleasure, like going to the park with my rubber resistance band, and if I need to take business trips, no more than about 20 miles.

Tell me about your sound system

It's an Olafus round disk speaker. It’s pretty versatile. “You can use it at home, in the shower, or clip it on to your body. If I get a phone call while the music is playing, it cuts out the music and it functions as an intercom system, so I can talk to someone and just keep riding”

Real Motorbikes Have Curves

Jerry does talk about his bike quite a lot with other enthusiasts, circles he described as ”gas bike, lowriders, and traditional lowriders.” He said that they “like it a lot, but they think it’s too expensive. I just tell them for the technology in it, it’s worth it. Bikes like this usually run about $2,500 to $3,000 dollars.

How would you, as a graphic designer, explain how this matches that 70’s style?

What’s so cool about that? “It has curves that make it look aerodynamic and it gives it that motorcycle look the way motorcycles have curves from the gas tank down to the feet. They have a very similar look, just a size difference.”

Is it usually hard to find this type of technology in the type of style and body that you like?

“Yes,” he said. “It’s easy to find something with little more to it than the motorcycle logo on it these days, but Jerry found the Hammer, noting pleasant surprise in “components like front shock absorbers,” and an “alloy frame that makes (the Hammer) heavy duty and strong.”

 To an artist like Jerry who needs both form and function in his day-to-day, the Hammer was a big hit. It’s been a versatile tool for him as well as a pretty fun ride. Even though his electric bike is not a Harley motorcycle, he makes several comparisons that show his appreciation for both brands. So for Jerry, his e-bike feels like a motorcycle.

The look of this bike has changed Jerry’s entire look. While it’s not just the clothes that make the man, The Hammer has struck all doubt in the kind of biker Jerry is. He has used it to forge something and someone of truly iconic notice, all of which are well protected by every style he has hammered into his life as a biker.

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