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AmericanElectric Steller E-Bike Review

Due to rapid advances in battery and motor technology, electric bikes have suddenly become an excellent option for local commuting. The AmericanElectric Steller e-Bike is a best-in-class option for commuters and enthusiasts, providing an outstanding riding experience at an affordable price. The 750 watt fat tire electric bike has made innovations and improvements that put it a step above the competition.

AmericanElectric has been making waves in the electric bike and scooter industries for more than a decade. Headquartered in Miami, FL and in business since 2006, AmericanElectric has been perfecting their products since the early days of electric transportation. Their vehicles are assembled in the USA and available worldwide. With countless innovations, the company has helped shape the electric vehicle industry. They are constantly traveling the world and searching for better components, better design, and anything that can give their products added quality and ease of use.

AmericanElectric works with governments, businesses, and other institutions in order to continue their advancements in the e-Bike sphere. Lately, the company has been experimenting with smart and automatic technologies that rival the work that is being done with smart cars. The AmericanElectric Steller e-bike packs in much of this innovation, which we will explore in depth today.

The Steller: A Cut Above the Competition

While other companies may imitate the Steller, nobody can match the combination of premium components and affordable price point. AmericanElectric uses only the highest-quality components in the Steller, including a Mozo suspension system, Bafang motor, and Shimano gears. Other companies cut corners, especially with the motor, battery, and gear quality (or by only using a single speed gear system).

The Steller is named after Steller’s Sea Eagle, a bird of prey considered to be one of the largest and most formidable eagles in the world. The strength and power of this bird served as an influence for the design and implementation of the AmericanElectric Steller e-bike.

The 6061 aluminum frame is built to last, and includes a lifetime warranty as a testament to its quality. With both crossbar and step-through models available, riders of all types can be accommodated. The 750 watt motor and 48v battery provide enough power for just about any use. This is the perfect combination, as more power will lead to a more dangerous ride and is too fast for most people. If you have never ridden an e-bike with a top speed of 28mph, rest assured: it’s plenty powerful.

The fat tires allow the bike to handle well even at high speeds. The 4" tires are 2 or 3 times as large as other bikes, providing balance and safety during both city and off-road riding. The front fork suspension system only adds to the safety and comfort, helping riders take on bumps and gravel roads with ease.

The bike can be ridden using the pedal assist system, which provides power corresponding to the speed at which you pedal. In addition, a thumb throttle allows the bike to be propelled with no pedaling at all! This gives the ride more of a moped-type feel, rather than a bike. Long day at the office, but still need to commute home? No problem! Just throttle all the way home for a no-effort ride. Want to get some exercise in? Great! The pedal assist selection allows you to dial in the perfect amount of resistance for your exercise regimen.

With all of the included features and components, the Steller is a plug-and-play experience. No additional purchases or additions are required to enjoy a sturdy, speedy, and safe ride around town.

Build Quality

  • The Steller is available in step-through or crossbar models. The step-through frame is reminiscent of laid-back beach cruisers. It is the perfect option for riders with reduced mobility, making e-Bike riding much more accessible. The crossbar model has the look and feel of a more standard bike.
  • The industry-standard 6061 aluminum frames are built to last a lifetime. The two available colors, Army Green and Black, are sleek and stylish.
  • The Moz front fork suspension system is a welcome upgrade over similar e-bikes, many of which don’t implement any sort of suspension. What would normally be a bumpy, jarring ride turns into a smooth, easy-going experience. Many e-bikers consider suspension systems a non-negotiable. High speeds on a suspension-less e-bike can make even the lightest bumps feel like a deep pot-hole.
  • AmericanElectric stands behind their bikes by providing industry-leading warranties. The frame features a lifetime warranty, while the motor receives a 10-year warranty. The lithium battery, which is replaceable if ever needed, comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The Steller includes a rear rack system to support panniers or other cargo systems. This allows commuters to bring everything they need for work: laptop bags, a change of clothes, or anything else. With a big enough cargo bag, a family-sized amount of groceries could even be transported home.
  • The included disc brakes add to the overall safety of the bike. Disc brakes perform well in rain, unlike caliper brakes. Other e-bikes include caliper brakes, but these can be highly dangerous, especially when riding at high speeds in the rain. Disc brakes are the only way to go!
  • The included seat is comfortable, even when riding long distances. However, the quick-release seat clamp makes it easy to switch out the saddle if desired.

Electronic Features

  • The 48V 15.6aH battery can provide approximately 40 miles of riding range, along with top speeds of 28mph. The battery can be fully charged in about 4-6 hours. As long as you plug it in before bed, you will be at max capacity by morning!
  • The 750W Bafang motor is another industry standard and can be found on high-class e-bikes everywhere. The rear-wheel hub motor is generally considered safer and more efficient than it’s front-hub counterpart.
  • Electric bike assist is featured on the Steller. This allows riders to choose the amount of power being provided as they pedal. A lower assist level will lead to more exercise, while a high assist level is for easy-pedaling rides at high speeds.
  • An LCD display screen is included, providing important information like battery power, current speed, and assist-level selection.
  • Front and rear lights provide extra safety for early morning and late night rides. While it is still important to wear bright, flashy clothing when riding bikes in the dark, the headlight and brake light will increase your visibility.

A Few Caveats

  • The Steller weighs in at about 77 pounds, which is right in line with other e-Bikes of this size. Just as with any other e-Bike, running out of battery power will lead to a strenuous ride back home. A normal bike runs in the weight range of 20-40 pounds, so manually pedaling an e-Bike can be twice as tough. That being said, the Shimano 7-Speed gear system allows for a better manual riding experience than single speed e-Bikes.
  • The exposed battery and components are weather-resistant, but not quite water-proof. You will be fine riding in light rain, but don’t leave the bike outside in a downpour, or you will risk ruining the electronics.

Conclusion:A Steller Riding Experience

The AmericanElectric Steller e-bike seems to do everything right, building upon the recent advancements in electric vehicle technology to create a full-featured, do-it-all e-bike. With top speeds of 28mph, most riders will never need another ounce of power. And at around 40 miles of riding range, commuting on an e-bike is now possible for most riders (if your commute is more than 40 miles, then you probably weren’t thinking about a bike commute, anyways).

The Steller is built with safety in mind. The aluminum frame is built to last a lifetime, and a step-through model is available for those with mobility challenges. Disc brakes are an essential e-bike feature found on the Steller, allowing riders to stop with confidence, even in inclement weather.

With industry-leading warranties, you can rest assured that AmericanElectric stands behind their e-bikes. Not only does this mean that they are using high-quality components that they trust, but they are willing to to replace them if anything breaks down prematurely.

AmericanElectric has included all of the necessary components and innovations, so you can get riding with ease and safety. Whether you are using it for exercise, or just to take on long, leisurely rides around town, the Steller will certainly exceed your e-bike expectations. Happy trails!

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