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GreenBike Electric Motion

The GreenBike Electric Motion story begins back in Tel-Aviv, 2005.

When 3 miles in a rush-hour takes you 40 minutes with a car, plus another 20 minutes to find a parking spot (not to mention the expensive gas, tickets, and insurance) you start realizing that the future of urban transportations is definitely needed with the addition compact and electric.

GreenBike Electric Motion started to design electric scooters and electric bicycles and became the leading company in Israel in our field.

After that, they expended to Europe and the USA. As an authorized reseller of  GreenBike Electric Motion electric bicycles, you'll find that All Around E-Bikes is pleased to present their products to people seeking an alternative mode of transportation.

GreenBike Electric Motion bikes are shipped to your door from the USA.

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ENDURO Phat 48 Electric Mountain Bike 750w 48v

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